Comprehensive planning and long-term discipline are the keys to financial success. Financial advisors are often quick to make recommendations and sell you products without first understanding your situation. In contrast, our process is thorough and meticulous, focusing on all areas and details of your financial life, much like the difference between a comprehensive physical exam at the Mayo Clinic and an annual checkup.
Keeping with the medical analogy, our wealth management and investment philosophy can best be described with the phrase, "First, do no harm." It is much easier to lose wealth rather than create it. Therefore, we take a cautious, disciplined approach to managing and protecting it. Before a single recommendation is made, we gain a complete understanding of your current financial situation and help you identify and articulate your goals and concerns. And before a single investment is implemented, a comprehensive, customized plan is developed to help you reach those goals. We believe that each person’s goals and circumstances are unique and that your plan should be equally unique.
We also help protect your wealth from the emotional decisions that often accompany the market’s highs and lows. We realize that people are emotional about money, and they should be. Typically it has taken years of hard work to accumulate their wealth. Emotions can hijack even the best-laid plans by causing you to sell at market lows or chase the hot mutual fund of the year. A long-term, disciplined approach ignores the noise and lets you stay the course. While we can create an investment portfolio designed to meet each and every one of your goals, emotional decisions in times of economic uncertainty can cause you to fall short of those goals. With an advisor who is willing to educate you and guide you through the market’s ebbs and flows, you are far more likely to achieve long-term success.