Family Office Services

Your wealth should be a source of enjoyment rather than a source of administrative toil. With significant wealth comes a new set of responsibilities and demands. Our services are designed to help you enjoy your wealth rather than getting lost in the day-to-day management of it.

Consolidated Performance Reporting

Monitoring your wealth can become cumbersome and time-consuming. We provide easy-to-read quarterly reports on your investment portfolios. In one page you are able to tell how your portfolio is invested, how it’s performing, and any activity; the details are there, too, if you want. Most investors have little knowledge of how their investments have performed, and have never seen the pie graph of their total investment portfolio. Our quarterly reports show your entire portfolio – including investments not managed by Henrickson Nauta, such as retirement plans, assets held with another advisor, or perhaps gold sitting in your safe at home. We track the performance at the security, asset class, and portfolio-level, and report the net results compared to appropriate market indices and benchmarks. If there is additional information or a particular way you prefer to see it, we can accommodate. In addition to the quarterly reports, all information is updated daily and available via a password-protected website.

Bill-Pay & Mail Management

Managing your day-to-day finances and the continual flow of bills, statements, and unwanted mail is an ineffective use of your time. Through our network of resources, we offer a customizable platform to pay your monthly bills, track expenses, and manage and organize any or all of your mail.

Family Governance & Education

It’s not uncommon for adult children to inherit wealth with very little knowledge of finance, and without fully understanding their family’s values. Together, we will tailor meetings to introduce your family members to the components of your wealth management planning in as little or as much detail as you’d like. Family meetings can be used to develop a Family Mission Statement setting standards and goals for the family's assets, or meetings can used to familiarize the family with your estate planning providing comfort to you and your children alike. Your philanthropic planning is often an excellent way to begin sharing family values. We will work with you to design an educational program that will allow your children and grandchildren to familiarize themselves with investing, financial responsibility, and wealth management.