Our independence combined with our access to the full spectrum of investment managers and financial products allow us to recommend best-of-breed services and solutions to meet your goals. You get the experience of working with a large institution, and the personal touch and attention that only a small firm can deliver.
Our services are tailored to meet your unique needs. For most clients, we provide a comprehensive, integrated plan and quarterback the delivery of services and solutions to achieve that plan. Some clients, however, may already have pieces of their plan in place, and require only specific areas to be addressed. Regardless of your needs, you’ll appreciate the personal attention, responsiveness, and genuine care for your success and well-being.


Wealth Management

When can I retire? Do I have enough money set aside for my children’s education? What should I do with my stock options? Do I have enough insurance for my family if something were to happen? We understand that you have many questions about your future and its security. Our job is providing answers. We will develop, implement, and monitor a plan to address all of your questions, including the ones you haven’t thought of yet.

Investment Management

Successful investing begins with our Wealth Management Plan that integrates your goals and risk tolerance with your financial, retirement, tax, and estate planning. Our approach to investment management is grounded in academic wisdom: We will not invest in the latest investment fad, attempt to time the market, or pick the hot stock of the day. Beyond managing investments, the ability to manage emotions will play a large role in your success.

Family Office Services

Individuals and families with significant wealth benefit from our services designed to help them enjoy their wealth rather than getting lost in the day-to-day management of it. We can simplify your life with bill-pay services and bring focus to your portfolio with consolidated reporting to help you see all of your investments – not just the ones held with us – on one page. Through family meetings and education, you will be able to share family values while your children and grandchildren are able to learn financial responsibility and prepare for the intricacies of managing wealth.

Retirement Plans, Foundations, and Endowments 

Many of the services we provide to affluent individuals and families are directly applicable to our institutional relationships with charitable organizations, 401(k) plans, and other corporate retirement plans.